Thursday 1 March 2018

"This is a big tree."

Art in nature 

Over half term, Stanley's class were set a homework task. They were to go on a nature walk to find natural things to make a picture with. Easy you'd think, right? We'll...we had a lot of rain that week and most of the leaves, twigs and flowers had turned into a soggy pile of mush! So we had to get creative; we dried out some bark from the garden, rescued a few of the less crumbly/soggy leaves from our walk then raided the local garden centre floor for more healthy looking bits! Stanley took his time to arrange the items to create his picture. Cue Mum with a bucket full of PVA glue and 2 days of drying and he ended up with this!

Pencil pride!

Stanley also had to write a sentence to go with his picture. "This is a big tree" is what he came up with! We are so proud at how far he has come on with his writing during his time in Reception class. Just a few months ago he wouldn't even entertain the idea of holding a pencil, but now he is trying so hard! Well done Stanley! 


Finding joy in the little things: We always enjoy going out for walks in  the fresh air, but having a purpose made it even more fun. Look at that beautiful writing too, and his proud smile! 

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