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Hi! My name is Rachel, I'm a married mother of 2 and a part time primary school teacher. Our children, Stanley (4) and Rosie (2) are the centre of our world and they are the inspiration for starting this blog!

Since going from full-time to part-time after having Stan, I felt like my "baby brain" never quite went away! Actually, I felt myself slowly reverting to toddler talk and no longer felt I was challenging myself. So starting this blog is also a way of getting back a part of me that I've lost a little along the way.

Essentially, I'd like this to be a lighthearted blog about the little things in life that make us happy, and to share the small joys in life with others. It's somewhere for us to record the times we spend together, something nice to look back on and hopefully something you will enjoy sharing with us.

It will also contain ideas of activities, trips out and things to do on a budget. Additionally, I'd like to share a few ideas of how to teach basic foreign languages to young children, as I begin to teach my children German.

Enjoy :)


Finding joy in the little things: Our posts aim to be positive and always end with a final thought, "Finding joy in the little things." We hope to help parents by showing them that, even if your day doesn't go to plan, there is always some joy to be found, even in the trickiest situation!

Disclaimer: Sometimes I may review places, products or services. I may have received these as gifts from the companies involved, and I will always make it clear in the post if this is the case. All my opinions are always honest and always my own. I would never recommend a product / service or place if I didn't use it or enjoy it myself. 

Privacy: This site uses cookies to track how you use the blog and interact with this us. Any personal data that you may leave (such as email addresses / names on comments / social media interactions) will never be shared with anyone unless you give your explicit consent to do so. 

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