Tuesday, 27 February 2018

A messy kind of Monday!

Sticky fingers, mucky toes 

This week, Rosie and I decided to try out a "messy" playgroup. For some parents, this is a couple of hellish hours of trying to dodge sticky fingers and mucky toes, as half naked toddlers wander round aimlessly with handfuls of whatever this week's gloop is made of! Rosie and I are not bothered about getting our hands dirty, so we set off with plenty of wipes, a change of clothes and high expectations! To be honest, I was just looking forward to not having to clear up after her for a change!

A real treasure! 

The group was a mix of tea and toast, free play, followed by the messy stuff (World Book Day themed this week) then parachute games, singing and bubbles! In my opinion, it was well worth the £5 entrance price as the resources were plentiful and very well planned; you could tell how much preparation had gone into giving our little ones a great multi-sensory experience. I think this photo really captures Rosie's sheer surprise as the magnetic wand picked up all the treasure out of the sand! These moments of real awe and wonder make all the mess worthwhile! We'll certainly be going back!

Edit: Well, since writing this post, Rosie's mugshot above has won us free entry into the messy playgroup for the whole month of March! Keep making people smile with your adorable facial expressions Rosie!

Finding joy in the little things: Just look at that face! Says it all really! It was so nice to spend time with Rosie doing something new while her brother was at school. She's such a happy, sociable, inquisitive little girl, it's a real pleasure to be in her company.  

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