Saturday 21 December 2019

Healthy Hair for Kids: Locks in Goodness Review and Giveaway


Locks in Goodness is a brand new natural hair care range aimed at children. All the products are free from impurities, natural in origin and completely safe to use on delicate, young hair. The ingredients used are minimally processed, meaning that they stay as close as possible to the natural plant.

"Every dollop is bursting with goodness." 

What I admire about this company is their dedication to the environment. The packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, with the plastic-free tubes made from natural sugar cane, helping to protect the planet.

A big selling point for me is the "No Nasties" tagline. My son has very sensitive skin so we have to be careful what products we use. Harmful impurities and harsh chemicals which are found in most processed products can irritate his skin, so we were really excited to give these products a go!

Locks in Goodness Hair Gel and Hair Smoothie

Hair Gel

My son was keen to try the Hair Gel out! We applied a generous amount to damp, towel dried hair (even though it was almost bedtime... might as well go to sleep in style!) and spiked it up. The product doesn't feel sticky or synthetic, and is ultra light and easy to apply.

My son instantly commented on the gorgeous scent, saying it reminded him of gingerbread men! Must be the clove and cinnamon bark oils - just two of the specially selected hair loving oils included in the hair gel. It still smelt just as delicious in the morning! These products are only preserved by natural essential oils, which help keep nits and lice away - a great selling point for children's hair care products.
The hair gel smells delicious!
The gel held his spiky style in place really well, and what surprised us was how soft his hair still felt. It wasn't crunchy at all, and when we ruffled his hair it just bounced right back into shape! This flexibility meant that his style only needed a little retouching in the morning.

We are hoping that with regular use, the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing anti-itch properties of the organic aloe vera will help settle my son's troublesome cradle cap which reappears with every cold winter!

Hair Smoothie

My daughter was really excited to try out the Hair Smoothie. Every time we wash her hair, we either use a leave-in conditioner or a detangling spray afterwards to help tease out the tangles. However, many products we have tried leave her hair a little greasy. The hair smoothie did not, providing you use just the right amount and work it in from the ends, concentrating on and knotty areas.

Any product with smoothie in the title is bound to smell like it's good enough to eat! It smells so good, there's even a reminder on the bottle not to ingest it! You could really pick out the tea tree and shea butter scents, and it had a lovely thick, creamy consistency.
The smoothie really did help with tangles and knots.
The brush glided through so easily that my daughter didn't make any fuss at all and she even said she enjoyed having her hair brushed because it "felt gentle and smelled so good!" That's high praise coming from a just-turned four year old. I loved that you really didn't feel like you needed to wash your hands afterwards; instead I rubbed it all in and used the excess as a moisturiser! Not a dollop wasted in this house!

I can't wait to steal some to use in my hair tomorrow after I've washed it - its ultra thick and curly, and difficult to tame the frizz. I'll let you all know how it goes, but I'm pretty confident it's gonna be a winner! Watch this space....
No nasties, 100% natural origin.
Locks in Goodness Hair Gel and Hair Smoothie retails at around £10 a tube, and you can buy it directly from the website or Amazon. As a special offer to you lovely readers, you can get a 10% discount AND free delivery by entering the code LIG10 at the Locks in Goodness website checkout.

And if that wasn't enough, you can enter this amazing giveaway below, giving one lucky reader a chance to win a Locks in Goodness bundle - one of each of these great products! The competition will run from the 21st December to 12th January (UK only I'm afraid), the winner will be contacted by Locks in Goodness who will send your prize to you directly. Good Luck! Click the link below to enter...

You can find Locks in Goodness on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too. Pop over and show them some love! 

Finding joy in the little things: Easy. No detangling tears and a gorgeous, so-good-you-could-eat-it scent that lasted ages! And my daughter LOVES the splat design on the tubes - she said it makes her feel like she has to "squidge and squash the tube!" Let's just hope the lid is closed when she does...!

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*** We were gifted these fantastic products in return for an honest review. All opinions stated are my own... or my children's! ***

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  1. The Looks in Goodness products sound fantastic, and how wonderful they are fun for kids to use as well! I do love hair products that smell good!!


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