Sunday 12 May 2019

Bloggers Behind the Screens: "Our Blogs" Featuring Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs

Bloggers Behind the Screens is a monthly interview series, where fellow bloggers come together to answer a series of questions on a specific theme. This is a chance to get acquainted with a whole range of bloggers, some of whom you may not have encountered before, and learn a little more about them!

This month, we’re talking to bloggers about the very thing that makes them bloggers. Their blogs. I’m hosting Emma from Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs.

1. When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging on a hormone induced whim in Aug 2018 when I was 7 months pregnant. I needed a creative output as I'd recently gone on maternity leave from my little craft business. I have always enjoyed writing and thought I would give it a go in the hope it would stop the baby brain…it didn't!

2. How did you come up with the name for your blog?

As I was writing from a parenting perspective I wanted something that summarised what being a mum of young boys was really I glanced down at my living room carpet and low and behold Dirt, Diggers and a lot of Dinosaurs were looking back up at me.

3. What do you blog about? Has that changed from when you first started?

I blog about everything that being a mum encompasses so that really hasn't changed. I've gone from a mum of two to a mum of three boys though so that's put us firmly into the large family box. I've recently started adding in reviews of our days out and family trips as I have had requests for details via social media. It's still a bit of a mixed bag on the blog though, some serious posts, a lot of humour, and (informal style) reviews.

4. Is your blog your job, your hobby or your side hustle?

Ooh now I'd love it to become my job, or even be a bit of a side earner but I'm currently writing as a hobby. I've got the bit between my teeth now and would love for it to succeed. I'm going to see where it takes me which is pretty exciting!

5. What is the best thing or experience that blogging has given you?

I suppose the best thing it's given me is a voice! I sometimes feel like I've disappeared and just exist as someone's mummy and blogging has allowed me a creative output where I've been able to connect to other parents and a wider audience. Also, it's opened up opportunities for family time via gifted experiences and there is also a great community within the blogging world.

6. What is your favourite thing in the whole world to write about?

Something that will help somebody else! Even though I was nervous to actually press publish, my post sharing my miscarriage stories had such positive feedback it was worth all the self doubt and nerves.

7. What skills (the more unusual the better!) has blogging taught you?

Not to take things personally. In life there are always going to be people who disagree with your point of view but the Internet has given people an opportunity to purposely offend/bully and troll from behind a screen.

8. What is your favourite post from your blog? Give us the link and tell us why it’s your favourite. 

This is my favourite post so far, mainly because it took off and got picked up by the press…only a month into blogging too (gulp). Cue the thick skin and not taking things personally skills I mentioned above! I never expected to see my face all over the Internet and it came as quite a shock that the Summer born campaign was such a hot topic! But again, I received lots of messages of support and had parents contacting me for help and advice regarding the process. It's especially close to my heart again right now, as we find out whether Stanley has got his first choice of school and our reception start next week!

9. Have you ever been on TV or radio in your capacity as a blogger? If so, what for? If not, do you think it’s something you’d like to have a go at?

Maybe one day, I'm not ready for that kind of step yet! Plus, I hate hearing my own voice or watching myself so it would be a complete cringe-fest!

10. What is your least favourite thing about blogging? There must be something you don’t like about it…

The fact that people think it's an easy number…it's really not! Besides the writing, there's photo editing, endless self promotion, SEO and social media management.

11. Do you have any advice to give to anybody out there thinking of starting a blog right now?

Write what you know, and speak in your own voice.

12. Where do you do most of your blogging? Do you have a home office, are you on the sofa or do you prefer to be out and about when writing posts?

I do a lot on my phone using the WordPress app because well, kids! Then I tend to have the laptop out after bedtime, sat on the sofa. With three boys in a small terraced house, there isn't room to swing a cat let alone have my own office. But, saying that I wouldn't get the same enjoyment from blogging if it separated me from family life.

13. Be honest. How many unwritten posts are in your drafts right now? How many are likely to see daylight?

Six and all of them will get published but the question is when!! I try to get collaborative posts done in a timely manner but my general ramblings can sit in drafts for months! Teething, tantrums and cuddles all take higher priority I'm afraid!

14. What are you most excited about for your blog in the next six months or so of 2019? Anything awesome in the pipeline for the summer or are we forever winging it?

I'm excited to have press accreditation for a big family festival in the summer! I've just started my Five Go! series and I'm hoping to get a few more large family friendly collaborations to add to it.

15. Finally, what is your absolute favourite thing about being a blogger?

I'm incredibly proud of my little family and I really do give being a mum 100% with varying results! We're not perfect, there's no such thing as the perfect parent or the perfect child but it's great being able to share our journey with others. If that can help somebody, or resonate and take the edge off a little, or simply just start a conversation then that's bloody fantastic! If not, and nobody reads it then I'll be Billy no mates but will have a great online scrapbook of memories that I can look back on!

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  1. Love seeing how people incorporate blogging about their busy lifestyle and families. Well done on the festival gig. Look forward to seeing your reviews!

  2. It is great to find out why people decide to start blogging. It is also quite helpful as they may have faced a problem you are having and be able to help you over come it.


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