Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Teaching my two young children (2 and a half and almost 5) road safety is high up on my list of parenting priorities, so when The Children's Traffic Club asked me to review their new interactive road safety programme, I jumped at the chance! 

The Children's Traffic Club (CTC) is an award-winning road safety and active travel education programme aimed at the under 5s. For over 25 years, the CTC have been positively influencing children's road side behaviour and helping to reduce casualties involving children, by teaching them the skills and attitudes needed to ensure they stay safe when out and about. 

So, why is teaching road safety to under 5s so important?

Hands up who has an under 5 who often has a mind of their own when unleashed upon the outdoors? Who, despite your best efforts and strongest grip, has ever had a near heart attack when your little one has come too close to the edge of the road, or even worse, ran into the oncoming traffic? 

When it comes to the time when the pushchair is out of favour, holding hands and walking safely are the some of the skills we need to teach our newly independent walkers. There will be nursery runs and walks to school at rush hour to contend with, and trips out near the traffic at the weekends. So how can we help to prepare them for this?

Teaching road safety awareness from the minute your child is old enough to understand will influence their long term behaviour and save lives! Even young children need to understand the basics of how to keep themselves safe when out and about. Also, having an awareness of the different ways to travel will help them lead an active and healthy lifestyle in the future.

Lets Go! 

So, this is where CTC's new programme Let's Go comes in! In a nutshell, it is, "a multi-sensory and augmented reality active travel and road safety programme for under 5s."

What's included?

The pack includes:
  • a glossy ring-bound activity and learning book
  • a pack of durable flashcards
  • the Augmented Realty (AR) app with activities and games - Free to download from the App store or Google Play store
  • access to worksheets and certificates online

How does it work?

The Let's Go programme is a multisensory (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic/tactile), multimedia learning tool which cleverly brings the activities to life with the help of Augmented Reality (AR)!

Activity and Learning Book - 

Activity book and flashcards
Children and adults can work through the book in or out of order, to learn key road safety and active travel messages. Different characters tell short stories through text, pictures and related activities using simple, age appropriate language and delightful illustrations. 

Each chapter ends with a sticker page to reinforce the messages taught by each character, and a grown-ups support page with helpful hints on how to talk about these issues with young children. It also contains a Make, Play and Practise section, with activity ideas and links to CTC worksheets.

You can easily use this book without the AR function and still enjoy learning all the road safety and active travel messages within it. 

FREE Augmented Reality app -

If you choose to use the book with AR, simply download the CTC's FREE app - full instructions are give in the introductory pages. When you see the special AR star symbol in the book, you can make the characters, vehicles and backgrounds "pop out" of the page and become interactive on the screen of your tablet or phone! You can then listen to or read the instructions and interact with the activity on the page.
Using AR with the flashcards
The app has a further 2 elements to it; The AR can be used to interact with and learn about the flashcards. The topics included are, "Let's get active," "What's on the roads?" and "Safer crossing places." There are also 4 games to play, each relating to topics learnt in the book. All the child and balloon characters are introduced in one of the games, and each reinforces their own safety or active travel message in a fun way. 

Flashcards - 

The flashcards are cleverly arranged into 4 colour coded sets; Vehicles, Safer Crossings, and Fit and Fun are 3 of them. These flashcards can also be used alongside the app with the AR feature. The fourth set, "Meet the characters" introduces the characters and their families and tells you all about them.
Flashcards included

How does the CTC programme support learning?

Each child character teaches 2 main road safety or active travel messages, with the help of the delightful balloon characters who each have their own message. For example, Susie teaches children all about the importance of keeping fit and having fun safely, and about holding hands with a grown up to stay safe when out and about. 

The balloon characters support the messages taught by each child character. For example, Susie's pages introduce Ally Active, Willow Walk and Handy Hold! The names make each message more memorable to small children and they make you smile!
Learning about Handy Hold
The text is short and simple, aiding understanding of even the youngest children. Each page contains questions to ask your little learners, to encourage active participation and discussion about the safety or active travel messages. Sticker pages reinforce these messages as do the activities outlined on each grown-ups page at the end of each chapter.

The app is simple to use, with large child-friendly buttons and bold, bright colours to match the activity book. The games are educational and each one reinforces the road safety or active travel messages in a clear, age-appropriate way. AR adds a new dimension to learning, which is creative, fun and engaging! 

Our overall review of the Let's Go programme

I was really impressed with the quality and overall look of the product when it arrived. It was packaged in a bright yellow cardboard envelope with Velcro fastening to keep all your flashcards secure

The ring-bound activity book and flashcards are also strong, sturdy and splash / snot / sticky finger proof; the pages/cards would withstand a wipe over if needed. This is very handy when using something with under 5s!

The app is free and easy to download. There is a handy video introduction to the whole programme that is clear and helpful, and can be accessed at any time.  

The simple format and brightinviting illustrations meant the activity book was an instant success in our house. My 4 year old is at that age now that if something doesn't grab his attention straight away, you've got no chance! But he got stuck straight in, wanting to learn about all the characters and fill his sticker pages! Stickers are always a winner hey?!

The free app and flashcards are brilliant! The games are easy to play and my son now chooses to play them independently whenever he has tablet time! He has started to point out certain elements of road safety when out and about and quoting things he has heard from the app! He also asks to walk to school or go on his scooter more often, telling me that "being active is good for you Mummy!"  We love how you can use the physical resource with the technology to enhance learning and deepen understanding too.
Playing games on the app
Now, the AR! Well, this was a revelation to my son! He thought it was totally magic how the vehicles on the flashcards came to life and drove around his table! He was so excited to complete the educational activities on the AR pages of the booklet, that he got arm ache from replaying them over and over! What a success!
Using the app with the AR pages
One tip I'd give you is to be patient the first few times you use the AR with the book. Sometimes getting the positioning right can take a few attempts and little ones will need help with this in the beginning. 

Also, we found it easier to lay the book out on a chair (lower than the table) so the children could stand up and be looking over the book from above. This helped us position the tablet more easily. It's a little awkward for the kids to hold the tablet in the correct position and interact with the screen by themselves, so adults will need to help with this. 

A few times after using the AR with the book, the screen has frozen but a quick restart of the app seems to cure this quickly.
Using the AR on a lower surface
I love how this resource from the CTC drip feeds the road safety and active travel messages in a fun and interactive way. Its multisensory nature keeps even the youngest children engaged and my 2 year old daughter has benefited already from taking part, pointing out and naming zebra crossings and being more willing to hold hands by the roadside. I will definitely be using it with her as grows, and my son will really enjoy dipping in and out of the activity book and using the downloadable worksheets too.

So, thank you Children's Traffic Club for sending us such a fab resource to review! I will be spreading the word about what a great teaching tool it is and how much fun we've had using it!

You can find out more about CTC and how to order your own Let's Go pack over on their website. Or find them on their social networking sites below. 

Twitter - @LearnRoadSafety
Facebook - The Children's Traffic Club
Instagram - @The ChildrensTrafficClub

** The CTC sent us a free copy of the Let's Go activity pack in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own...or my children's! **

Finding joy in the little things: As my regular blog visitors will know, I always end my posts with a little message about how I found joy in the smallest of things.You can read why on my About Us page. 

Well, today I found joy in watching my eldest "teaching" his little sister about how to cross the road safely! He repeated the messages he'd heard using the activity book and the app and told her all about Handy Hold the balloon! On the school run this afternoon, he made sure she was holding my hand before we crossed the road! So not only has my son learnt a valuable lesson from using this CTC activity pack, but now he's trying to pass the safety messages on too! 

Tomorrow they're plotting to hide my car keys so they can scooter to school... I wonder where they got that idea from?!

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Yes...you read that right! Last night I did something new. I took some time off from being a mum, and did something for myself. I went to an aqua aerobics class at my local leisure centre! 

When my friends messaged to ask if I fancied going with them, many thoughts crossed my mind. How will I politely get out of this without looking like the miserable one? Mainly, I was worried about getting my cossy on in public; I mean, during the day I wear clothes that disguise every flaw - why would I want them all on show, hanging out in all their paleness?! 

I have been a member of a well-known slimming club for 2 years, and when I reached my target last spring, I felt the best I'd ever felt about myself. However, since late last year I've lost all my dieting/healthy eating mojo and things started to slip. I decided about 8 weeks ago to take a break from going to the weekly slimming class. It was consuming me. I thought about food all the time. I dreamed about it. I lived my life in fear of my motivation and willpower leaving me high and dry every time I met friends for coffee and the inevitable cake. So, I stopped going. And I started eating. Everything! 


Here I am, 8 weeks down the line (well, honestly I'd say I've been going slowly backwards since Christmas) and I'm literally back where I started, 2 stone heavier again and miserable in my own skin. With my willpower, motivation and self-loathing at an all time low, what's a mum to do?
Say YES to my friends would be a good start! So I plucked up the courage to don the swimming costume and go to a  class. And do you know what? It was ace! No need to worry at all. There were 30 people of all shapes and sizes, all there for the same reason. Nobody batted an eyelid at my chalky tree stump legs and wobbly belly! 

The instructor was brilliant - he was full of energy and enthusiasm (and it didn't hurt that he was easy on the eye too!) and really motivational. I'm pretty sure he thought he was an 18-30s holiday rep in Ibiza, but that's what kept us going! He kept repeating, "I don't want you to do what you CAN, I want you to do your BEST!" I think that's quite a good mantra for life actually!

So, from today I have vowed to take a little bit more time out from being "mum," to be me again. I want to be healthier in body and mind, for myself and my family and I think taking some regular time out for myself is a good start! Now I have found an activity which I enjoy, I will try to keep it up and commit to go once a week. And thanks to my two lovely friends, I feel a bit more confident to put myself out there, out of my comfort zone, and do things I haven't done for years! So, inspired by the instructor, I don't just want to be just me, I want to be the best me I can be! After all, being a better me will make me a better mum and wife. 
What do you get up to in those rare "mummy time out" moments? Do you go to an exercise class? How do you get your motivation back once it's slipped? Drop me a comment below, I'd love to know! 

Finding joy in the little things: Simply put, last night I had a real giggle with a good friend (our other friend couldn't join us in the end this week), with out worrying about any of my little people. I took an hour out for myself, chilled out, had a laugh and really enjoyed it! I must do it more often! 

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Monday, 4 June 2018

Minibeasts and Creepy Crawlies!

Outdoor learning

This week, we took our German lesson outdoors! My son was set some half term homework to go on a minibeast hunt so I decided to use the opportunity to introduce some new topic related German vocabulary! A "Krabbeltiere Suche" was born!

I put together a tick list of common little creatures found in British gardens, and added bright colour photographs to aid learning. (You can download it for free at the end of this post.) We spent a little while saying the new German words and repeating them, and having a giggle at some of the funny translations! The kids found the literal English translation of slug really funny - die Nacktschnecke means the naked snail! 

Numbers and counting

As with any new learning, revising what you already know is really important as it aids memory and fills the children with confidence. We recapped our German numbers to 10 (and up to 5 for my 2 year old daughter) by counting objects in the garden. Find out how I taught my children numbers in a multisensory way in our previous posts, Fünf kleine Entchen - Five little ducks and Fünf Osterküken - Five Easter Chicks.


Then we played a little game of "Suche!" (Search!) This is a fab little activity for reinforcing numbers, new vocabulary and a gentle introduction to how words change when they are plural. For example, I'd say, "Suche drei Blumen!" and point to a flower and say "Dass ist eine Blume," so they knew what die Blume was. Other examples I used were, "Suche sechs Blätter" - Search for 6 leaves; "Suche zwei Fußbälle" - Search for 2 footballs. They enjoyed running around the garden finding things for me!

Krabbeltiere Suche

It was time for the minibeast hunt! Krabbeln means to creep or crawl, and Tiere are animals so this was the closest translation to minibeasts or creepy crawlies I could find! The children liked the sound of it and shouted it out as they set off searching with their list and their magnifying glasses! 
I pretty much left them exploring for a while and each time they found something, we'd check its German name on the list and tick it off. Not long after, my son was dropping in the vocab into his sentences! So he'd say something like, "Look Mummy, I found another die Spinne!" or, "There's die Biene!" It doesn't matter that he was using die/der (the) in places he didn't need too or not using eine/ein for a or an. Just the fact that he is confident enough to use the German noun is enough to show he's taking it all in!
We had a great time in the garden, learning hands on outdoors. In fact, the tick sheet is still stuck to our makeshift clipboard (one of my table mats!) in the lounge and my son keeps adding ticks to it each time he finds Krabbeltiere!

Bug Craft Time!

We decided to put our massive collection of toilet roll tubes to good use and create some bugs too. We simply used them, plus paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and little gems to make our minibeasts. We practiced saying the German name for them and used our number knowledge to count them in German too. 

A Multisensory Approach

I love this gentle, multisensory approach to learning languages. It's much easier to engage young children if the topic and activities interest them. We really enjoyed our German bug hunt experience, and the children gained a lot from it too. Not only did they learn new German vocabulary, but it meant something to them as they could use it in context. This is the key to all good language acquisition, especially at a young age.

Free Download

I'd love to know if you have a go at the Krabbeltiere Suche! You can download three versions here for free. I only ask that if you do use our downloads, you pop back to our blog here and leave us a comment to let us know how you got on! I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Enjoy! :) 

Finding joy in the little things: Every day since introducing the new vocab for our minibeast hunt, my 4 year old has been spotting creepy crawlies and telling me their German names! I love how keen he is to use his new language skills and how natural sounding it is when he says it. It's as if he's using the German translation in place of the English word like it's just the normal word to use! If a second language is drip fed to youngsters in this way, they are more likely to use it willingly and without a fuss! And this just proves it!

** You can find quick links to all our "German for Kids" blog posts on our Languages page.**

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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Every picture tells a story! So here's my favourite photo from our week.

"Bug Hunt in the Rain"

This week, we got totally soaked through on a bug hunt in the rain, at the beautiful Roaches Gate in the Peak District. We are so lucky to have all this on our doorstep.

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Saturday, 2 June 2018

The lovely Kate from Confessions of a New Mummy has tagged me to take part in the Getting to Know You tag and Q&A. I've never joined in with a tag post, so here is my first! You might learn something new about me!

When was the last time you cried? I don't really cry much! But the last time I properly cried, was back in February at the funeral of one of my lovely past pupils. He tragically lost his life at the age of 12 to sepsis, brought on by flu. His mother is campaigning tirelessly to raise awareness of this potentially life-threatening condition. Make sure you are aware of the symptoms, and if in doubt just ask, "could it be sepsis?" Find out more by visiting the UK Sepsis Trust website.

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I don't see why not? I think I'm quite a good friend! Although there are times when I know I could have tried harder to stay in more regular contact with some of my far away friends. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

Do you use sarcasm a lot? I used to be a lot more sarcastic than I am now! I think teaching 5 and 6 year olds has helped me to reign it in a bit - they just don't get it!

What's the first thing you notice about people? That's a good question! I'm not actually sure. I'm useless at noticing the details; I couldn't even pick out my neighbours in a line up! I'd probably say, their expression... Do they look approachable? Kind? Stressed?! I suppose it gives you an idea of how to interact with someone new in the first instance.

Scary movie or happy endings? Happy endings :) 

Favourite smells?   Freshly baked bread and clean children, just out of the bath!

What's the furthest you've ever been from home? Australia and New Zealand. I went there, plus other places on a Gap year between high school and university when I was 18. I'd do it all again tomorrow! (But maybe with less cheap alcohol and dodgy hostels!)

Do you have any special talents? Not really, unless you count sniffing out cake from a mile away... or not being able to stick to any kind of diet for long! I can make a good cuppa?!

Where were you born? In Buckinghamshire. 

What are your hobbies? I'm a bit useless in this department too! This is one reason I started this blog - to get a bit of myself back, to enjoy doing something for myself again, and to get back into writing which is something I've always liked doing. When I do give myself some time, I love to read but I'm seriously out of touch with that too since having kids!

What did you want to be when you grew up? I'm pretty sure I always wanted to be a teacher! I remember giving my little sister spelling lessons on my chalkboard easel many, many years ago!

How many countries have you been to? Oh crikey, I've no idea?! I'll try and list them: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, North America and Hawaii, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, France, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium, Crete, Croatia, Slovenia... I think that's it so far!

What was your favourite/worst subject in school? My favourite subject in high school was psychology, which I took for A level. I had a brilliant teacher, and it was such an interesting subject too. I learnt a lot which has helped me in my business and teaching career. 

My worst subject was maths, but not until I got to high school. At primary I'd always been in the top set, but I went to a grammar school after that and I was put in the "special" group! To be fair, had I gone to the local comp with my friends, I'd have been in the average maths camp. But the grammar school I went to set such high expectations and went at such a fast pace that I was just left behind. One of my greatest achievements to this day is getting a B grade in my maths GCSE first time round! 

What is your favourite drink?   Tea - and lots of it! Quite strong with a dash of milk and two sweeteners! Failing that, I'll settle for a rum and coke!

What would you (or have you) named your children? For my eldest, there was only one option. He was named in memory of my Grampa, and took his middle name. It's quite an old fashioned name but we loved it and it really suits him! I had lots of suggestions for my daughter; I loved Beatrice, Eloise and Elise but I got vetoed on all of them! If you're really interested in what we settled on, visit the blog to find out! :) 

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers? Now, that's a tough one as I don't really watch YouTube - unless you count countless episodes of Blippi and various renditions of Daddy Finger?! Aby from You Baby Me Mummy has been exceptionally helpful to me as a new blogger - She has some fab videos on her YouTube channel which are a great source of info for all things blogger related!

How many boyfriends have you had? Not many that are worth talking about! Haha! I've been with my hubby for 13 years this April, and married for 6!

Favourite memory from childhood? I have lots. Walking up Coombe Hill with my family for picnics, going to traction engine rallies with my Dad, our two Christmas holidays to Lanzarote when we rode camels on Christmas Eve, my little sister stepping on a woodlice I had so lovingly cared for (this one's caught on camera! It's hilarious!), my Dad making us the most brilliant house from a cardboard box with painted tiles and window boxes, and windows and doors that opened! So many... I hope my children will have as many lovely childhood memories when they are grown up! Thanks Mum and Dad. xxx   

How would you describe your fashion sense? I live in whatever fits me at the time! Mostly jeans and loose fitting tops of no particular style. Most of my clothes are older than my children, and I spend more on their school shoes than I spend on an entire outfit! I am quite self-conscious at the moment, so I tend to reach for anything that covers a multitude of sins! I wish I could afford to have more fashionable clothes, and the body to wear them! I am totally envious of all those fashion forward mums out there; I admire their ability to dodge the snot and baked beans and look so presentable all the time!

Tell us one of your bad habits? Falling asleep when I put the children to bed?! I'm not great at answering my text messages or ringing people back straight away. Must. Try. Harder!

So there we have it. That wasn't so scary!

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Friday, 1 June 2018

We love a good children's book in this house! Both my children, (almost 5, and 2 and a half), have always enjoyed listening to stories and looking at books. Our collection at home is growing rapidly, and each of the children have their favourites. However, since joining the library, they are finding it hard to pin down just one story book that they love the most! 

Inspired by the Bath, Book, Bed campaign run by BookStartI have decided to write a round-up of my children's favourites each month. Here are our May picks for children under 5.

Dog Blue (Author/Illustrator: Polly Dunbar)

This is my son's favourite book of the moment! He's all about dogs since having puppies so I can see why he likes this story!

Dog Blue follows the story of Bertie, a little boy who wants nothing more in the world than a dog...a blue one! Bertie pretends he has a dog, he pretends to feed and care for it too until one day, a real dog appears...but is it blue? And if not, will he be able to love and accept it into his blue-coloured life? 

The line drawings are so simple but captivating, and the whole book uses only 5 colours. We worked out too, that as Bertie's mood changes, so does the background colour of the pages! This is a clever little touch that even my 4 year old appreciated. 

It's a story of friendship with a lovely message of acceptance and compromise that every young dog lover should read.

Smiley Shark (Author/ Illustrator: Ruth Galloway)

This is the story of a misunderstood shark, who just wants to play and be friends. Unfortunately the other characters find his toothy grin scary and don't give him the time of day. They keep swimming off in fear until one day, they need Smiley Shark's help. Will he ever make friends?
This a bright and vibrant book with a colourful underwater setting, a must for any fan of sea creatures. We loved the playful use of vocabulary, such as sentences like, "fish that dipped and dived and jiggled and jived, and darted and dashed with a splosh and a splash." It made it fun to read aloud and kept the attention of my 2 year old daughter too! 

We have the picture book and CD set, which made a nice change. My son has enjoyed getting into bed to listen to a bedtime story, while looking at the pictures and trying to follow along. The great thing about the CD, is that it plays a special sound that indicates you need to turn the page. So if young readers/listeners do lose track of the words, you can still keep up with the pictures.

The moral of the story is not a new one, but one that is important to teach your children. It reminds them that no matter what your differences are, you must consider what's on the "inside." You should never judge someone on their looks, but get to know what they are really like, and celebrate their diversity. A lovely bedtime story to share!

That's Not Funny! (Author: Jeanne Willis, Illustrator: Adrian Reynolds)

This is a story about about a cheeky hyena who plays a trick on his animal friends. Giraffe slips on a banana skin which creates a series of unfortunate events, which Hyena thinks is hilarious! Will he have the last laugh or will he get what he deserves?

This boldly illustrated, funny story had us laughing at the misfortune of others! The language is simple and the repetition is great for young children. There is a great range of action verbs, like catapulted, torpedoed and screeched which all help to keep young readers interested in the story. And of course...it helps that there's a huge, steaming heap of elephant's poo near the end too! What 4 year old boy doesn't love a bit of toilet humour?!
Although, I don't agree with an "eye for an eye"  or retaliation, I do think it's important to give the message that sometimes playing tricks on others isn't funny and it can really hurt or upset someone. The "what goes around, comes around" message is clear in this story, and it is a good reminder for children to treat others as they want to be treated themselves! 

Monkey Puzzle (Author: Julia Donaldson, Illustrator: Axel Scheffler)

Julia Donaldson features again this month, but this time it's her charming tale of a little lost monkey that we enjoyed together. The story follows monkey on his journey to be reunited with his mum, helped along by Butterfly who is full of suggestions. As one disappointment leads to another, will Monkey ever find his family?
Again, Donaldson tells the story through joyful rhymes with animal facts worked in, which my children really enjoy. The illustrations are bright and colourful, and full of detail; you can tell how the creatures are feeling as their expressions are drawn so carefully! 

Monkey Puzzle is a heartwarming story which we all enjoyed, especially my youngest. The message that not everyone in your family is the same, and may look different to you, is a gentle introduction to diversity and inclusion which is so important to teach in this multicultural society. It's definitely worth a read! 

The Boy Who Cried Ninja (Author/Illustrator: Eric Hill)

The Boy Who Cried Ninja is a story about Tim and how no-one ever believes him, even when he is telling the truth! When a series of strange characters turn up at his house to cause trouble, Tim sets out to prove that he isn't the one to blame. But will his parents ever believe him?

I though this was going to be a cautionary story about "the boy who cried wolf," but in all honesty it left me a little confused! It isn't really a story about not telling lies, because it seems that perhaps Tim has always told the truth...so why didn't his parents believe him in the first place? To me, the message seems to be one of not misbehaving in general, which most children can relate to!

The writing is simple, with short sentences and use of onomatopoeia (words that describe a sound). The pictures kept my children entertained too, with interesting looking creatures and lots of detail. The mixed message didn't seem to put my son off this story, in fact he insisted we read it twice in a row! So it's definitely thumbs up from him!

You can find out which stories kept the kids entertained last month in our post, Top 5 story books for children under 5: Our April picks. Which ones have you read?

Check out BookTrust's list of best bedtime books for 2018 on their website. What are your children's favourite bedtime stories? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below. It might give us an idea of what to hunt out on our trip to the library next month!

Finding joy in the little things: This month has been all about understanding what the story really means! I love the fact that the children, especially my eldest, are really beginning to get a lot out of listening to stories. The giggles at bedtime and belly-laughs in all the right places show me that they appreciate the humour. The concern and emotion they show for the characters shows me they have empathy for others. Their questions show they understand the message or morals. Children don't tend to consider how or what they are learning through stories, but how much they enjoyed the books we share and talk about is important to me. And if they subconsciously learn a few morals along the way, then that can only be a good thing...

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