Saturday, 3 March 2018

A night out?! That would have been nice!

We're going out! 

We'll, that was the plan. As many parents will know, finding time to go "out out" can sometimes be difficult. Throw into the mix finding babysitters who are willing to have your kiddies overnight, and it's an even rarer occasion! So when Hubby announced he'd bought us gig tickets, booked a hotel AND roped in the grandparents to sit the children, I was quite excited! An actual night away, no little people to look after, a bedtime past 7:30 and maybe a few glasses of wine? Yes please!
She's not picking her nose here, I promise!

A night in...

So, it's Saturday night and I'm in bed. My bed. With BOTH kids and the Hubby. Not at the gig, reliving the 90s with a hotel breakfast to look forward too! Nope! Yesterday saw us battle the snow to make a double trip to the emergency doctors... Stanley has an ear infection and Rosie has a throat infection! Poor, germ ridden kiddies! I couldn't leave them overnight when all they want is cuddles and spoiling! So, instead of our night out, we're very much in! And Stanley, the little gem, seems to have had a miraculous recovery!! Rosie's not far behind either...

When your plans don't go to plan...

Here they are, enjoying the snow after school this week (for all of 10 minutes!), reminding me why I don't mind missing my night out after all! And look...a little yellow ray of sunshine, a tiny sign of spring, peeking out from behind them! That really made me smile! So when your plans don't go to plan, take a minute to remember what really matters in life, and count your blessings.

Finding joy in the little things: Any time spent with this pair is golden. Even when we're all snuggled in my bed on a Saturday night, fighting for space and fending off pins and needles! I'm grateful for the cuddles, snot and calpol-induced craziness! Plans can be remade; the kids always come first. (Helps a bit that we've another gig booked for June instead...fingers crossed we get to go to that one!)

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  1. Beautiful article.
    Not sure sorry is the right thing to say for missing out on your night out as you couldn't have enjoyed it knowing they were unwell.
    Wish them both a full recovery and hopefully a successful plan next time
    Nice blog. July mummy (ines)

    1. Thank you so much Ines for being the very first person to comment on my blog! I hope to see you back again soon. x

  2. Ah hopefully you'll get another chance but you're right the chances are so rare! #itsok

    1. Fingers are firmly crossed for our night away in June! Wish us luck! Thank you for popping by and reading.

  3. Lovely post it really is so hard to find some time to be a couple with babies. #itsok

    1. It really is, but it's so important to try isn't it? After all, we were a couple before kids came along. Thank you for your comment. :)


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