Wednesday, 30 January 2019

A - Z of Multisensory Language Learning for Kids: Letter E

As you may know, in this series, I'll be sharing some multisensory language learning ideas, which will help you to teach languages to your young children in a fun, engaging way. If you're not teaching languages however, most of these activities can be adapted to fit many themes in your own language too! I'm sorry there's been such a big delay in getting the letter E to you - life just seems so busy at the moment!

You can find quick links to our previous posts in this series, including other language learning blog posts on our Language Learning Adventure page. 

E is for...

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Time for Positivi-Tea! Can a Good Cuppa Really Solve Anything?

(Review -  Gifted)

There's nothing quite like a good cup of tea! It's our nation's favourite drink, with the average Brit drinking 3 to 4 cups a day! But can a good brew really solve anything? Well, of course boiling the kettle isn't going to end world hunger or find a cure for disease, but on a day-to-day basis, so many of us seek solace in a cuppa.

There are so many varieties of tea available now, there seems to be a tea to compliment every mood and ailment! Do you seek comfort in a cup of traditional English breakfast, or relaxation with a cup of chamomile and lavender? Perhaps you prefer the soothing benefits of a cup of peppermint or ginger tea, or the rejuvenating qualities of a cup of green?

There's even a tea to help you get ready for labour - although I'm not sure it did much for me other than send me on more toilet trips than I care to remember! As if my bladder didn't already have enough to cope with!

Shibui Tea

Edinburgh born tea company Shibui Tea's philosophy is all about sourcing and sharing great quality tea. The company was even set up over a few pots of the good stuff! They specialise in seeking out great ingredients from all over the world, and combining them to create many distinct flavours of loose tea and pyramid tea bags.